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Back in the Saddle to Fit  

IN THEIR OWN WORDS from the book

On why you’ve got what it takes: “Perseverance is obviously an asset in any athletic endeavor as well as in business.”  Texas Rangers Senior Executive Vice President Jim Sundberg

On staying motivated: “I’d feel that I’d be cheating myself if I didn’t give my best effort even on the days when I felt mentally drained.” − Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards-Ross

On finding time for exercise: “You get up an hour earlier at 4 a.m. You work on the plane. It’s just a matter of wanting to do it.” – Record-breaking marathoner and attorney Larry Macon

On starting today: “You deserve it. Your destiny’s worth it. Your future’s worth it. Your family’s worth it.” − Lakewood Church Pastor Joel Osteen

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BABY BOOMER AND GENERATION X professionals often struggle to find time for fitness among the crush of professional, family and social obligations. As a result, many 40+ professionals who once were in great shape are less fit and more stressed than ever.


That’s where Back in the Saddle to Fit: 10 Steps to Reclaiming Athletic Fitness for the Busy Professional comes in. Part informational, part inspirational, the book includes anecdotes from past and present athletes, as well as strategies to find time for exercise from a 40-something marketing professional and certified fitness trainer.


Back in the Saddle to Fit includes a fitness plan that requires only 3.5 percent of your time each week. It also discusses the “60/40 Proposition” of nutrition and exercise, how to “eat like an adult” when faced with unhealthy food options, and how to get past "conversational inertia" and excuses that keep us at the starting line.

Your journey to reclaiming athletic fitness begins today. No excuses. It’s on. Ready, set. Let’s go.

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